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Nashville Songwriters Association International
If you want to learn about the craft and business of songwriting NSAI is one of the best possible resources. They are also leaders in the ongoing battle to keep  copyright law strong and to adapt it to the digital age.

Songwriters Guild of America
They provide advice to their members about legal aspects of songwriting along with quality educational opportunities.

Songwriting and Music Business
an online community run by writer/artist Amanda Williams. They provide excellent education and opportunities for networking with other writers and people in the music business.

This online songwriting community was formed by hit writers Clay Mills and Marty Dodson. They know the craft and business and have created numerous ways to share their wisdom and guidance. Membership plans start as low as $15.99/month. Even if you don’t sign up, do yourself a favor and checkout the wonderful stream of information on their Facebook page.

Tennessee Songwriters Association International
Their weekly workshops in Nashville and monthly newsletter  open the door to a wealth of services that will specifically address your needs as a songwriter.

Indie Connect
Indie Connect
is a business club for independent artists, musicians, songwriters, labels & industry who want to join together to help and support each other. They offer on-line opportunities as well as local meetings and seminars.


Pitch to Pro Pipeline
Hit songwriter Sandy Ramos works with industry professionals who, for a fee, will consider your songs for their projects and, if they don’t select your song, will provide feedback on why they didn’t.

Speed Pitch
This is the brain child of publisher/mentor Steve Bloch. For a fee you will have 13 minutes with each of 6 pros to play them a few songs and ask them all of your questions. You can do it in person or via Skype. 

NSAI Online Pitch Service
The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) has an online pitch to a publisher, producer or record label twice a month. It is only open to members and each member can participate twice each year. 

Evening with a Publisher
Studio owner Larry Beaird draws upon an impressive list of publishers to offer this opportunity, free of charge, to songwriters who record demos at his studio. You can participate in person or via Skype.


 They collect airplay royalties when their members songs are played on radio and TV, in concert halls and nightclubs, etc. They also have member representatives who help developing songwriters. As a writer you can join only one.  All three are excellent. Check them all out, try to meet with representatives and join the one you think will best support you.

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Broadcast Music Incorporated

According to their website, the name was originally an acronym for Society of European Stage Authors & Composers but today they are world-wide and the name is simply SESAC (pronounced SEE sack) and not an abbreviation of anything.  


 Murphy’s Laws of Songwriting
Ralph Murphy, hit writer, successful publisher and long-time VP of ASCAP, has been writing a column for the ASCAP website for years and has finally pulled together his insider’s insights into a book that will keep you laughing as it tells you the hard truth.

Six Steps to Songwriting Success
If you buy one book on songwriting, buy this one by Jason Blume. Read it slowly and carefully – it is so loaded with accurate and important information you may not realize that every sentence counts.

This Business of Songwriting
Jason Blume does meticulous research and this volume demystifies the process of doing business as a songwriter. It includes information on pitching songs and an explanation of how the charts work.

The Dos and Don’ts of Music Row
Hit writer Liz Hengber’s account of landing a staff-writing deal will entertain you and help you avoid some of her mistakes.  

Networking Websites



  Informative Websites

Music Starts Here
Video interviews with lots of Nashville music industry people covering just about every topic.

Educated Songwriter
Cliff Goldmacher is a former Nashville staff writer who currently owns studios in Nashville and Sonoma, CA where he produces and engineers. He knows both the craft and business and his website is full of accurate information and practical advice.

Songwriters Connection
Kim Copeland and Susan Tucker and been supporting songwriters and teaching songwriting for years. Sign up here for their Songwriters Connection newsletter.

Nashville Muse
A partial listing of local Nashville shows with lots of advertising for songwriting-related services and events.

The Muse’s Muse
This site has been around for fourteen years and it’s loaded with songwriting information, forums and resources.

Murphy’s Laws
If you’re not gonna buy the book (see above), at least read some of his articles on the ASCAP website. No one talks about songwriting with more accuracy and humor.  

Songwriter Festivals

Tin Pan South
If you want to binge on great songwriting, get to Nashville for this five-day event put on every April by the Nashville Songwriters Association.

Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival
If you love sugar-white Gulf of Mexico beaches and great songwriting, you need to check out this event that happens for 12 days each November. Barbara played there first in 2000 and has been back almost every year since.

Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival
Set in beautiful Gatlinburg, TN in the heart of the Smokies, this new festival features some of Nashville’s finest along with local and national independent artists. Workshops and a songwriting contest round out the experience.

Key West Songwriters Festival
Hit writers hit the Keys for this BMI sponsored music & fun fest.

Nashville Songwriters Festival
This is a grass roots effort of local, national and international songwriter’s. You’ll hear everything from new writers to Hall of Fame writers on various stages around Music Row. Bookings are not as hard to get as other festivals but they generally don’t pay.