Next Workshop is June 16 – 18 in Nashville TN

This three-day workshop is a crash course in what it takes to write for the commercial Nashville market. During the two days there will be three listening sessions attended by two publishers each time. Sixteen applicants will be chosen to present one song at each session and the publishers will give feedback on the craft and commercial potential of the writing. Hearing the feedback given to all the writers gives an in-depth look at what makes a song a hit.  At the end of each session there is time to ask questions. Additionally, there is a class analyzing hbitg songs and a session where two pro writers share their music, talk about their journey and answer questions.

Publishers attending

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Nate Lowery, Cornman  Music
Aubrey Schwartz, KP Entertainment
Woody Bomar, Green Hills Music Group
Kara Jackson, Spirit Music Nashville
Dale Bobo, Sony Publishing Nashville
Jamie Dryburgh, Jamie Dryburgh Music



8:30 am – Writing for the Row class
1:30 pm – Listening session with two publishers

8:30 am – Listening session with two publishers
1:30 pm – Performanced and Q&A with pro writers

9:30 am – Listening session with two publishers
2:00 pm – Auditors present songs for feedback from the group

$495, due by May 18th. No refunds unless the spot can be filled by a qualified writer.


How to Apply

Applications must be received by Sunday, May 8th.  Applicants submit an application form and send at least 3 songs  for consideration. The fee to apply is $25 for the first three songs and $5 for each additional song, limit 10. Lyrics for all songs must be sent as well. Applicants who would like written feedback from Barbara on the songs they submit can request it for an additional $15 per song. Feedback will be sent within 10 days of the end of the application process,

All applications that come in by the deadline will be carefully reviewed and sixteen will be chosen based on how well crafted, original and relevant to the current market the writing is. Everyone will be notified whether or not they were selected to play for the publishers by Friday May 13th.

Auditing the Workshop

Writers who are not selected to play for the publishers are welcome to attend as auditors to network and learn. Auditors participate in every way other than presenting songs. The cost to audit is $345. The deadline to sign up is June 13th.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. Can I submit co-written songs?
A. Yes, but please identify your co-writers on the lyric sheet.

2. Q. What kind of demos should I submit?
A. You can send anything from a fully-produced studio demo to a rough phone recording. Submit your best songs, regardless of the quality of the demo. Songs will be judged on the the writing, NOT on the demo.

3. Q. Will I need studio demos for the workshop?
A. No. If you have them it’s fine to play them, but the publishers are listening for the writing, not the production. Even a phone recording is sufficient as long as is in tune, in time and both the vocals and chords can be heard.

4. Q. What if I don’t write Country songs?
A. The publishers who attend are looking for great writers who WANT to write for the commercial Country market, not necessarily ones who already do. If they see great potential they may want to give writers an open door and help them develop. You are welcome to submit songs in any genre when you apply. However, if you are not interested in writing Country songs, this is not the workshop for you.

5. Q. Can co-writers enter as a team?
A.  Yes. Teams of two can attend at the regular price. There is a fee of $250 for each additional team member. The team presents only one song per session regardless of how many members.

6. Q. If I am selected, do the songs I present to the publishers have to be the same songs I sent in to apply?
A. If you want to present different songs, you have to get them approved before the workshop.

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