Services for songwriters

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In the good old days if you were a new songwriter in Nashville you could walk up and down Music Row with a guitar in your hand knocking on doors asking publishers to listen to your songs. If they liked what they heard, they would send you to their staff writers to teach you how to write a hit. But  it’s big business now. Publishers are too busy, there are too many songwriters, and too many songwriters are ready to sue for plagiarism without real cause. So these days a newcomer is mostly likely to be met by a disinterested receptionist spouting the stock reply, “We don’t accept unsolicited material.”

Whether you are a songwriter who wants to pitch your songs or a writer/artist looking for a record deal, Barbara can give you guidance and mentoring to help you take your writing to the next level and to navigate the music industry. Her feedback and advice is tailored specifically to your individual needs and her goal is to help you make your dreams come true.