Workshops on the road

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There are song writers and writer/artists who want to learn more about the craft and business of songwriting but they don’t live in a music industry center and can find it hard to travel to one.  Barbara has created a variety of workshop formats to bring insight and information to songwriters all across the country  If you’d like to see about having Barbara come to your area, call  615-383-5616 or use the contact page to send an email. Events are tailored and priced  to meet your specific needs.

Ready for the Row workshops
These events can be structured to fit to the needs of the group, lasting anywhere for 3 hours to all day. For groups that want to focus on the craft of song writing, Barbara has developed a series of exercises analyzing hit songs to see what makes them work.  For groups more interested in the business side, Barbara can explain the different ways that songs make money and the most effective ways to build relationships within the music industry. The focus can also be a combination of the craft and the business.  When time allows, group critique sessions can be included to give individual feedback to the songwriters attending.

Getting to Great workshops
For a group of songwriters who are well-versed in the basics of song craft, this workshop can help them take their songwriting to the next level. In it, Barbara covers the most common mistakes that keep even well-constructed songs sounding amateur and explains many of the techniques pro writers use to entertain and move listeners.

Group critique sessions
For many songwriters it’s easier to learn about the craft of writing  by hearing other people’s songs critiqued. As writers, we’re so close to our own songs that it can be hard to see them from an outsider’s perspective, but the strengths and weaknesses of someone else’s songs are much easier to see. Looking analytically at their songs can help us grasp concepts that we can then apply to our own writing.

Also, it’s easier to understand aspects of song craft when you see them in context. For example, a lecture about structuring melodies to create contrast might not be as effective as listening to a song that doesn’t.

Master classes
This format is for serious song writers who can devote a weekend to taking their craft to the next level. They usually begin Friday evening and run through Sunday afternoon. Enrollment is limited to no more than twelve so that each writer gets plenty of individual attention.  Course work includes analyzing hit songs to see why they work, critiquing songs from the attendees, guided co-writing and discussing career building strategies.

Private consultation
One-on-one sessions with Barbara can serve as a supplement to the workshop experience, or can offer a chance to learn from her to songwriters unable to attend a scheduled workshop.