Enough Already – less is more
I Know What I Am Doing – keeping conversation real
Gherm – Rhymes With Germ – Just As Popular – the wrong way to network
No One Can Read Your Mind – we only know what the lyrics tell us
Good It Is To Be Conversational – say it like you’d realy say it

WRITING IT RIGHT (the craft of constructing effective songs)
Don’t Let The Facts Get In The Way Of The Truth – keeping the emotion real while making the subject universal
It’s Better To Look Good Than To Feel Good – creating a positive image for the singer
Cleverness Is Like Spice – too much can ruin the dish
Nobody Cares How You Feel – making listeners care
The Worst Place to Get Creative – using standard song forms
Rule #1 of Songwriting – making it work
Make Her Fall In Love – appealing to female fans
When Clever is a Dumb Idea – don’t be too smart for your own good
The Most Important Thing Is Everythinggetting songs to the finish line
If You Twist Your Hook Too Hard You Might Break Your Song – a case when less is more

MAKING IT PAY (the business of songwriting)
Pitching Original Music – how to get your songs heard
When Not To Belive In Yourself– being positive but realistic
The Worst Question to Ask a Publisher – no matter how badly you want to know
Writing Great Songs Won’t Get You A Cut – there’s more to it than that
Co-writing For Fun and Profit – why go it alone?
Do They Hate Me? – dealing with people who don’t get back to you
Why Write? the rewards of developing your songwriting skills
Networking – make the connections that make a career
Nobody Makes It Alone – the dangers of creative isolation
Rockin’ a Writers Night – Do’s and don’ts when you play out
Getting Booked – tips for performing artists

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