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Rusty Gaston signs another Play for Publisher alumni

At a Play for Publishers workshop in 2007 songwriter Chris Yarber attracted the attention of Rusty Gaston who was, at that time, running Song Garden, the publishing company owned by mega-hit producer Byron Gallimore. Rusty’s belief in Chris never wavered and they met regularly for 6 years, even after Rusty left Song Garden to become the managing partner of This Music where he works with Grammy nominated writers Tim Nichols and Connie Harrington and 2-time ASCAP Writer of the Year Ben Hayslip. ¬†At Rusty’s suggestion Chris began writing with Drew Baldridge, a writer/artist Rusty met through a workshop and signed a year later. The two quickly became a powerhouse writing team and Chris has now inked his deal as the newest member of This Music’s songwriter roster.

A virtual visit to the workshop

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