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All the comments you can read on this page are from people who have been to a Play for Publishers workshop, either as a songwriters who played for the publishers, or as an auditor.


  1. Maureen Fichten

    Barbara’s workshop was not only a learning experience but it’s where I met a couple of great co-writers, which is so important ! It also gives you a good idea of where your writing stands by getting great one on one feedback from publishers.

  2. Sammy Plotkin

    Barbara’s workshops helped me look at my songs objectively to determine if I am truley connecting with the listener. I have gotten attention from publishing and management companies through my improved songwriting and am continuing to gain attention and traction in the industry. I could not have done this without the amazing co-writers and connections I made, in addition to the invaluable advice that many people are never lucky enough to get

  3. Robert Marino

    Barbara is a delight and a wonderful host. She creates a relaxed yet focused vibe that facilitates learning and networking. Both she and the publishers she brings to the table know the game and will tell you what it takes to score. Love that party at her house too!

  4. G Marie Schoelman

    Her workshops have been a positive learning experience for me!! Helps me look at my songs from a publishers and listeners perspective. The knowledge I have gained is priceless. These are the tools I will keep in my tool box forever!!

  5. Jack Bond

    I took Barbara’s workshop a few yrs. ago, and got valuable feedback from the publishers, and from Barbara, on how to improve my songs, and market them….as well as not “copying” anyone, but being the best “you” that you can be. Consequently, I have gotten to write with some of Nashville’s best!….a great experience!

  6. Liz Miller

    Okay, so I wrote a song for myself and Barbara encouraged me to play it for the publishers. I was reluctant because I considered the song to be too personal. The publishers flipped for it! When I met with the publisher who had asked to sign the it, she also signed another song Barbara recommended! I wouldn’t have even played these songs! Barbara’s instincts and experience has made her an invaluable songwriter’s guide. I’ve met co-writers that I call friends. She is the jewel of Nashville!

  7. Ruth Wyand

    I’m not a Commercial Country songwriter, more of a blues/jazz/guitarist/singer/songwriter. I went to Barbara’s Pitch to Publishers workshop as an auditor and got so much more out of it then I ever imagined. The comments and suggestions she and her guest publishers made to the songwriters was invaluable to my own style of songwriting.

    Through “the art of the rewrite” a few of my songs have gotten forwarded to Music Supervisors and publishers.

  8. Julianne Ankley

    Barbara Cloyd’s workshops are a must for any new writer who intends to pitch their songs in the music industry. She walks you through all the steps and takes the mystery out of the whole process. You have the opportunity to speak directly to publishers, pitchers, and others in the music industry, as well as receive positive feedback on your writing. I’ve kept in contact with several of the other writers and the alumni group is awesome! A very supportive bunch! Thanks Barbara!

  9. BJ Brown

    I’ve only attended one of Barbara’s workshops to date but it was enough to tell me that I need to apply for as many of her workshops as possible. You learn so much and gain a much better insight from the insiders perspective. They are fun, witty, not to mention all of the other writers you get to meet and build friendships with. I do believe the workshop and Barbara herself are priceless tools that any aspiring songwriter should have in their weapons arsenal as they venture into the world of songwriting. Armed with the knowledge you gain from the workshop and with Barbara as a guide I’m certain more than a few battles can be won in your favor in the future. Thanks Barbara and I look forward to attending soon.

  10. Chris Sayers

    I have attended two workshops by Barbara Cloyd and both were two very different experiences. In the first one I was kind of green as a writer. It taught me so much in what it actually takes to become a commercial country songwriter. I took everything I learnt from the first workshop and applied it to my writing. After the second workshop I was being contacted by publishers and getting meetings/co-writer appointments. With out this workshop I would of never of made the connections I did. It defiantly kick started my career in music city.

    Thanks Barbara!!!

  11. Nashville Dan

    February 2013 Pitch to Pub workshop was Great! Instruction sessions had good content, and publishers were REAL with the comments to the songwriters.
    Several songwriters from this session made hookups with the publishers for future work, and that’s what it’s all about!

  12. Alexandra Salamone

    Barbara’s workshop, I feel, gives you more insight in three days than you could find out on your own in three years! The leadership by Barbara is pure quality, and it’s truly a friendly environment. I would suggest this to anyone and everyone!

  13. Kenneth Cooper

    Highly Recommended! As an out-of-towner trying to write to the Row, it is extra difficult to get face time with publishers and industry professionals. Barbara’s workshop gives you exposure to at least 6 publishers and several professionals in just 3 days. At the last workshop I met a publisher in the audience who signed one of my songs, plus I’ve met so many great co-writers and friends! Thanks Barbara!

  14. Connie Mims

    Barbara was the first person to recognize my songwriting potential, by inviting me to Nashville back in 2004. I’ve attended several of her workshops and have helped host her at a few events in Texas, and I’ve gained more and more insight each time. Attending one of her workshops or paying for a private consultation will be the single most solid investment in your songwriting career. Don’t think about it- just do it. Thanks, Barbara, for all you do for songwriters and the craft of songwriting!

  15. Troy Castellano

    After my application was accepted I attended the P4P workshop in October 2012. What I can say about Barbara’s workshop is it really opened up my mind what what writing for today’s commercial country music is about. I gained the knowledge needed to push my writing in the right direction and am one step closer to my goal of signing a publishing deal. Barbara also has great “A” list of publishers that give valuable insight to what they do and what they are looking for. Such a great way to start and build relationships with some of the best movers and shakers in today’s country music biz! If you can make it work and are serious about pursuing a career as a country artist or songwriter I highly recommend attended this workshop. Plus you get to immerse yourself in the legendary BlueBird cafe!

  16. Abigail White

    Barbara’s workshop was my first entrance into the music industry- and a great one! I first attended when I was 16 years old. I learned so much from listening to the publisher’s critique of the work of myself and my peers. One publisher, Jennifer Johnson, even set up a cowriting session for myself and one of her Grammy-nominated staff writers. The connections made in the workshop are indispensable and the time we spent together was fun and bonding. If considering attending- I encourage you to do so. Such a worthwhile experience.

  17. Craig Brinks

    Barbara’s workshops are incredible. She does an amazing job of evaluating songs and finding the exact insights and advice that help songwriters grow. Spending time with her, and the amazing professionals that join her for the workshops, absolutely opens doors and helps you connect. I highly recommend her workshops and evaluation services.

  18. Rachel Lipsky

    I would highly recommend taking Barbara’s workshop! I learned more about the songwriting process, met great co-writers and friends. I was also able to play my songs for publishers and I still keep in contact with a couple of them. This was another part of my journey that has helped me grow into the songwriter I want to be.

  19. Robin

    One of the biggest highlights for me was the friendships I formed with other writers. I came away from the workshop with a handful of new co-writing relationships that turned into friendships that I still maintain. I was also able to reconnect with a plugger in town who was on the critiquing panel and ended up signing with her. The workshops are an incubator for building relationships, which is what it’s all about.

  20. Corinne Ventura & Lauren Ventura

    As a new mother/daughter songwriter team, we weren’t at all sure what to expect when we signed up for Barbara’s workshop. We attended as auditors and we are so glad that we did! We learned about crafting a good song, what the industry is looking for right now, how to begin to navigate the Nashville songwriting scene and the do’s and don’ts of trying to make it in the industry. Seeing artists pitch their music and hearing the industry expert give feedback was invaluable. Our heads were spinning with all the new information but we we really excited to apply all that we learned and write more! On our 12 hour journey home to Delaware we wrote 2 new songs that we will be sending in to the next workshop in hopes that we get chosen to Play for the Publishers! Best of all though were the people that we met. We were amazed by how kind everyone was and how willing everyone is to share their knowledge. Everyone was so supportive of each other’s songs. The wrap up party was one of the highlights too! Sitting around in Barbara’s living room with 30 really talented musicians singing their tunes and playing along with others was what we always imagined would be the best part of Nashville….and it was!

  21. Patrick Boyer

    Regardless of what genre you currently write, these workshops will help you become a better songwriter. Even as an auditor, I learned more about writing songs than I ever considered possible. The publishers provide incredible insight as they focus on the strengths, as well as the opportunities of where you can develop your writing skills.

    I have built some very good friendships with several fellow writers that I have met through these workshops, I look forward to making more as I attend more in the future.

  22. Jamie Lescher

    My experience at Barbara’s workshop was nothing short of fantastic on many fronts. The feedback from the publishers was thoughtful, insightful, and honest. Among other things, it raised my awareness to what the market is looking for at the present time. I learned so much not only from my own critiques, but from the critiques given to the other writers in my group. And the group…..well I may have gotten lucky but I gained both co-writers as well as amazing friends from mine. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve their writing skills, get real feedback from decision makers, and build new relationships. It’s second to none!

  23. Rachel Honza

    Before I attended, I was excited to have been selected for Barbara’s February 2013 Play For Publishers workshop. I was right to be excited! Outside of getting the opportunity to network and create valuable writer/writer relationships, I learned a wealth of songwriting tips and guidelines straight from the publishers themselves (Such as “Always write your songs with a ‘what’s in it for the woman?’ frame of mind.”)

    The BEST thing to come out of the workshop, however, was that I had several publishers contact me after hearing my music, and Bobby Rymer and Chris Oglesby agreed to meet with me to hear more of my songs and give me more useful critique and advice. I still have contact with them.

    Overall, Barbara’s Play For Publisher’s workshop is a MUST for any songwriter looking for ways to improve their craft and make valuable relationships!!

    Find me at and check out my music now on iTunes!

    -Rachel Honza

  24. Rick LeDune

    I attended Barbara’s workshop some time back. As a redneck boy from the Indiana sticks, I fully expected to feel like a fish outta water in the “Big City!!!” Was I ever wrong! Barbara took me and my fellow attendees in and made the entire event feel like a family reunion! The information put out was like pure gold…and the relationships formed will, no doubt, last a lifetime! If you’re looking to kick your writing into high gear, get signed up NOW!!! Everyday you put off writing that killer song is a day someone is writing it!!! Thanks Barbara!!!

  25. Emma Lord

    I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this workshop was. Barbara was upfront and accessible and could not be more supportive of everyone who attended, and this was such an amazing opportunity to make new friends and find co-writers that I might not have otherwise had the chance to meet. Not to mention we had some of the most helpful publishers come in, all of them were very constructive and detailed in their commentary. Plus it was just a ton of fun! There’s no need to be nervous, everyone is very relaxed and friendly. If you’re going to commit to spending money on a workshop, this one is well worth it. I even had a publisher interested in meeting with me afterward, so you never know what kind of opportunities you could get by attending!

  26. Kenneth Cooper

    I’m a repeat customer for Barbara’s workshop, as I always get so much out of it every time…last time an Indie cut…this time a publisher appointment…not to mention all of the current, credible and extremely useful feedback!

  27. Dan Lowe

    Second workshop – first time to play for the publishers… what a fantastic opportunity and great feedback! Thanks to Barbara and her terrific staff for such a wonderful experience!

  28. Matthew Price

    This has been an amazing 3 days.
    There is nos possible way I could imagine a better way to spend a few days in Nashville than being at Barbara’s workshops. I feel very thankful to be a part of it all. Thanks Barbara!

  29. Jennifer Crouch

    I volunteered at this past workshop and couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised with all that I walked away with. Not only did I get to hear all of the great feedback and insights from publishers, but I also walked away with a ton of new writing contacts from some of the participants. I didn’t even play anything of my own! If you’re at this workshop, it shows how committed you are to a writing career. Anyone and everyone can benefit from this workshop. I loved it!

  30. Nashville Dan

    The October workshop was chock full of good writers getting better! I have co-writes happening now with writers I met at this seminar, and strengthened friendships with repeat offenders such as myself.

  31. Brandon Scott McLean

    I attended the October 2013 class, and I want to say that it was the most beneficial and worthwhile trip i have made to Music City yet. If you’re trying to decide whether or not it’s worth the price, stop thinking about it and just apply. You get to sit in a room with about 20 other like-minded and talented people for 3 days. You get to meet a handful of super legit publishers, and hear them analyze songs while you learn what works and what doesn’t. Last but not least, the whole thing is facilitated by someone who is knowledgeable, fun, and completely qualified to tell it like it is, always with a sense of hope for aspiring songwriters. Words that come to mind are: Priceless, Invaluable, and Mind-Blowing. I met and have already begun working with a couple co-writers, got open doors from 2 homerun publishers, and I recharged my ambition batteries. Thanks for having me.

  32. danny Kravitz


    So my song The Bigger The Wheels got recorded and then picked as the Monster Truck Country Song of 2014. The artist is touring around this year with the Monster Truck shows.

    If not for your workshop it would not have come about…because I met a collaborator, then met a more experienced Nashville writer that she knew, who collaborated with me. Next thing I know, I’ve got a cut and a song that’s the Monster Truck Nationals theme song.

  33. Pam Tate

    What a fantastic time at Barbara’s Pitch to Publisher workshop! I learned soooooo much and met such great writers – a few I’m setting up cowrites with – really a terrific immersion into what publishers expect. I was also impressed with how kind and supportive everybody – fellow attendees, the publishers and performers, and especially Barbara herself, was throughout the 3 days. Thank you Barbara!!!!

  34. Matthew Rhodes

    If you’re a songwriter, this is for YOU! It is an AMAZING experience. While visiting The Bluebird in summer 2013 (just a fun ‘check it out’ visit) I heard Barbara mention the Play For Publishers workshop. I had written some songs over the past few years, but never really pursued the next step. Since I had been curious about that next step, I decided to research this workshop a little more and ended up attending the Feb 2014 workshop. I can’t tell you enough how glad I am that I did this! You will walk away with a wealth of information, and I feel as if I have met some great people that I can build great relationships with. I could go on and on, but all but all the comments above pretty much say everything I’d say.

    If you’re reading these comments trying to decide if you want to do this or not and have questions that you’d like to ask someone who attended one of these workshops, please feel free to ask me (my email and/or website link should be attached to this comment.

    Thank you Barbara… What you do for us aspiring songwriters is greatly, greatly appreciated!!

  35. Julie Jean White

    3 days at the Bluebird Cafe; 6 high-profile publishers; 16 writers; 48 in-depth critiques; and countless opportunities for finding new co-writers (and even performing, if that’s your thing). Barbara Cloyd effortlessly (or so she makes it seem) pulls it all together. I’ve attended my fair share of songwriting retreats and workshops, but there was something special about this one. Kind of like when you’re trying to buy a guitar. You play lots of them, but then one day you pick one up and it just sings to you? THAT is the Play for Publisher workshop! It was tremendously helpful and I highly recommend the experience! Thank you, Barbara!

  36. Haley Stevens

    This workshop offers insight found very rarely by songwriters. The publishers are approachable, kind, and so very willing to offer advice not only on a particular song, but about your career in general! I learned more about myself as a writer in one weekend, than I have on 10 years on my own. I recommend this workshop to beginners as well as those who have been swinging away for years!

  37. Jackie Steil

    I absolutely loved the Bluebird Songwriting workshop, it was a great debrief and/or introduction to the songwriting and Nashville music industry. Barbara was so insightful and so on point saying the same exact words of wisdom as the Publishers! This has been such an amazing experience and I hope to come back and do it again 🙂

  38. Jim Logrando

    If you are trying to become a legitimate commercial country songwriter, the Barbara Cloyd workshop should absolutely be a part of your resume. There are tons of workshops out there, but Barbara’s is hands down the best available. Your songs are listened to and critiqued by the top publishers in Nashville, ones that have current #1 hits and dozens of others climbing the charts. You will learn so much about the marketplace and how your songs stack up, it’s impossible to leave without learning something incredibly valuable. Not to mention the relationships you will form with other writers that could lead to YOUR #1 hit. Skip all of the other workshops promising you access and just go with the best, Barbara Cloyd.

  39. Emma Bacon

    As a young songwriter, I wanted to obtain as much valuable information as possible to help me with my career. After attending Play for Publishers with Barbara Cloyd, I have a better understanding of how to be a successful songwriter in the country music industry. If you’re interested in be a songwriter, I would highly recommend attending this workshop.

  40. Emma Bacon

    As a young songwriter, I wanted to obtain as much valuable information as possible to help me with my career. Attending Play for Publishers with Barbara Cloyd gave me a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful songwriter in the country music industry. If you are an aspiring songwriter, I highly recommend attending this workshop.

  41. Todd Dakin

    Barbara’s workshop is an excellent resource for any serious songwriter. Having the opportunity to meet other songwriters was invaluable, and the critiques from the Publishers was really eye-opening. The day after we got back from the workshop, I already had received an email from one of the publishers requesting to hear more! You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity like this!

  42. Mike Mason

    Barbara’s workshops are eye opening. After attending only 2, the way I write music has drastically changed for the better. Thanks to her impeccable ability to connect people, I have made many friends in the business that I write with and/or play with on a regular basis. She truly creates a situation where you get more out of it the more you put in. I recommend the Play for Publishers Workshop to any and all songwriters who want to learn the tricks of the trade in Nashville and who are serious about commercial songwriting.

  43. Bonnie Warren

    Another great Barbara Cloyd workshop! Learned so much and met so many talented and wonderfully sweet people. It’s a great experience — as a participant or an auditor. It’s so helpful to hear song critiques, especially those of other people’s songs — because you tend to have more of an open mind and less defensive feelings. My writing has already morphed based on what I learned at the workshop. HIghly recommend!

  44. Rachel Taylor

    It was an amazing weekend for many reasons. The bar was raised and I am really excited about the craft of songwriting in a new way for me. It’s always a high to be in a room full of people that are as passionate about something as I am!

  45. Cara D.

    Amazing! So valuable for songwriters at every stage in the game…
    Thanks, Barbara!

  46. Sam Soliz

    I am so glad I attended Barbara’s workshop, Play for Publishers, as an auditor. Not only did I have a great songwriting learning experience, it was very informative about the songwriting and publishing business. And last but not least, it was a lot of fun and I met many great and talented songwriters. Many Thanks Barbara!

  47. Paul "P-E-Z" Zukowski

    For me I been around the music business in one form for or another since 1985; in every genre from traditional country to death metal. I am currently doing the singer songwriter thing here in Nashville. Play for Publishers eye opening experience in many ways. This was something did not really seek out to audit the class. I won this at auction to benefit songwriter “Whitey” Shafer. The panelist handed out sage advice on the little in and outs of how music row functions. For those who do not live that will keep you from wasting lots of time. It can also save you thousands of dollars. While listening to songs that were presented I took notes on each. 80% my thoughts were in line with the panelist comments. That was comforting. The other 20% opened my eyes to options that can take something from a good song to an album cut to hit song. Knowing the difference is in valuable trying to make a living in this town. Looking at the songs presented it also gave crash course in polishing and editing songs. A skill that can come in handy as co-writer. For young writers this class with insight on how to hone your craft and a reality check on were you are in your writing. For seasoned writers it bring back to basic that sometimes get lost in years of writing. I highly recommend you attend this class. Well worth the money.

  48. Perry Miears

    What a great way to hone your songwriting skills and network with so many talented people!
    I learned valuable information that Im sure will propel me to the next level! I was…. inspired!

  49. Richard Rende

    The most immersive and impactful writing experience you will find in Nashville, or anywhere else! Barbara Cloyd has created an in-depth workshop where you develop your ability to analyze songs, crossed with an extraordinary opportunity to receive constructive and extensive feedback from multiple publishers across 3 days. It’s the level of attention that the publishers and Barbara devote to every song that sets this workshop apart. Detailed, thoughtful critiques from these top industry professionals are a guaranteed way to learn what you need to do to take your writing to a very, very high level. In addition, you get to develop relationships with a number of fellow writers who share your commitment to the art and craft of songwriting, and even meet writers who have gone through the workshop and eventually landed publishing deals. Best of all, you soak up all the wisdom and warmth that only Barbara can provide … while absorbing the magic of being a writer in the Bluebird for 3 fabulous days. Not to be missed!

  50. Mike Arcuri

    If you’re serious about writing commercial country songs, this is a must workshop. Barbara is a real pro and very passionate about what she does. This workshop will not only benefit those who believe they are ready for the row, but also those who want to find out what it takes to make that step. Whether you are ready to pitch or just want to audit, don’t hesitate!

  51. Ken Matthiesen

    Barbara Cloyd’s BlueBird Play For Publisher Workshop is to songwriters as Cape Kennedy is to the NASA Space Program. This three day seminar launches songwriters into the realities of songwriting at the Nashville level. Songwriters, from beginners to the crafty veteran, will benefit hugely from Barbara’s experience, and that of her guest publishers, which represent top Nashville music publishing companies. These publishers give valuable advice to each attendee about their songs. Hit songwriters also freely share their personal journeys of ups and downs and answer any and all questions with encouraging and meaningful answers. There are many steps to successful songwriting. Step One is realizing you are a songwriter. Step Two should be contacting Barbara about attending her next Play For Publisher seminar. Watch your baby steps turn into strides of confidence because of the knowledge gained, the network peer connections made and from personal access to top industry pros, all part of the three information packed days held at the world famous BlueBird Café.

  52. Robin Rich

    There were so many diamonds that I took away from these 3 days that will no doubt make me a better songwriter and help hone my craft that much better to getting closer to the know-how of writing a hit commercial song. The publishers were clearly in today’s market and engulfed in the business and know-how of it and were more than willing to share what they thought would get us to the level needed to get a cut and taken seriously as a hit songwriter. It was all well worth it and highly recommended and I have no doubt that I will be back to do it again. A valuable tool for a serious songwriter for sure.

  53. Amanda Cooksey

    Barbara Cloyd’s Play for the Publishers was a very beneficial weekend that helped me understand why structure and melody are so important in songs, as well as it allowed me to make connections with other talented songwriters. Although I only audited this time, I plan on returning to get feedback from the publishers. Being able to audit allowed me to compare my thoughts with those of the publishers on other songwriter’s songs. The feedback they had for the writers was very helpful. Not only did they critique their songs, but they stayed to answer questions that we may have had for them. Overall the experience was informative and helpful. I loved meeting new songwriters and friends that I will have with me on my journey to help and encourage me to become a better songwriter.

  54. Melanie Dewey

    Barbara cloyd has such a valuable fountain of insight for aspiring songwriters looking to break into the Nashville scene. I’ve been in Nashville for five months now, and this is the first time I truly felt like I learned how high the bar needs to be set for a songwriter here. Hearing from the judges was humbling and empowering, and meeting and truly getting to know such talented participants was one of the best parts. I leave knowing that I have made lifelong friends and writing companions– people who share a true passion for connecting through music. Don’t be shy– apply! 🙂 it’s with every penny!

  55. Pam Tate

    Barbara Cloyd is one of Nashville’s gems! A smart, honest, engaging mentor who opens her heart and her knowledge to aspiring hit songwriters. Her workshop not only reinforces the basic rules of great commercial songwriting, but adds new nuggets of information that helps the participants raise the bar for their writing. Her rapport with writers and publishers alike is warm, funny and also deadly serious when it comes to guiding us to grow in our writing so that we can present what the commercial radio market wants to hear while remaining true to ourselves. Brava!!!

  56. Emily Jean Rosser

    The Play for Publishers workshop was time (and money) well spent. It was great to hear from the publishers mouths what exactly they are looking for in the writing community. I left with invaluable knowledge, a great experience and the opportunity to meet people who have the same passion that gets us all up in the morning! As an auditor, I felt like I learned a lot to prepare me to hopefully play for a workshop in the future. If you are serious about songwriting, this is a must-do learning opportunity. Knowledge is power, friends.

  57. Cara Desvigne

    Such a great workshop! If you want to learn what it takes for the current country market, Barbara is a wealth of information. Her insight and access are invaluable! Thanks, Barbara!

  58. Brett Mandel

    I am glad I had the opportunity to attend Barbara’s workshop. The main thing I got out of it was finding new co-writers and friends that I think will be in my life for a long time. I also got a lot out of the publisher’s critiques, guidance, and input on songwriting and publishing currently. The writers round and after party were awesome and definitely added a lot to the event. I would recommend the workshop to writers at all levels. I feel like everyone can gain some valuable insight and relationships from the experience.

  59. Melanie Dewey

    Barbara’s workshop was such a wonderful experience! Being new to Nashville it was a great introduction to the way that the music publishing world works here. My favorite part of the experience was meeting all of the wonderful writers and immersing myself into such a welcoming community. Every single publisher had something different and thought provoking to say, and every mind in the room was intelligent and engaging! The most important thing I took from the workshop was learning just exactly HOW high the bar is set for songs in Nashville. Now I have even more goals than I thought I could have– and I love it! 🙂 Thanks Barbara, for an amazing experience!

  60. Sal Boyd

    Just poppin on here to say I had a fantastically rewarding experience at the Feb 2014 Play For Publishers workshop! I truely feel blessed to have witnessed such fine teamwork between the songwriters, publishers, and other professionals. We are all here to help each other out and we can all thank Barbara Cloyd infinity times for getting us all in the same room together! I left the Bluebird every afternoon feeling educated, happy, and determined to keep on keeping on!

  61. Mary Bragg

    With such a heart for songs and songwriters, Barbara is the conduit every Nashville newbie should learn from. I found a slew of hardworking, like-minded co-writers at her workshop, and some real doors on the row have opened for me as a direct result of pitching to publishers right there at the Bluebird, thanks to Barbara.

  62. Johnny Arrowhead

    I have attended two workshops in the past two years and I learn so much about the music business. I have met very talented songwriters. Making friends and co-writing connections is invaluable. Thank you Barbara Cloyd for this workshop. Don’t miss it if you get a chance. The after party is nirvana.

  63. Jeffrey blaydes

    The workshop was a great experience. I learned so much and met a lot of great people. I’m so glad I went and thankful that Barbara keeps this going.

  64. Siara Pratt

    Barbara Cloyd provided the perfect introduction to the Nashville music scene. I hailed all the way from AZ to learn more about the interworkings of publishers as well as being better at my songwriting craft. Among so many workshops that go on in Nashville, CHOOSE THIS ONE. It’s great for any songwriter at any stage. I learned SO MUCH from attending. Thank you, Barbara, for creating these opportunities for us!

  65. Vickie Raye

    Even as a veteran songwriter I found so much to love about the P4P weekend. I met so many talented people and got such valuable feedback from the publishers who attended. I learned so much about my own writing, AND gained an understanding to the business of writing as a whole. I highly recommend the experience!

  66. Chad Hamilton

    This past October, I attended Barbara’s Play For Publishers as an auditor. The experience was TOPS. First, Barbara is a first-class hostess. She’s a delight to be around, but she keeps it real. You always hear the truth from her, which is essential is this competitive business. I TRUST Barbara and consider her coaching an integral piece of my songwriting development. Second, this is an amazing opportunity to make new friends and find co-writers, and the after workshop party at Barbara’s house is several hours of a passing a guitar around a circle and getting to know one another better — don’t miss this!!! Third, we heard from 6 top publishers and two hit songwriters. Listening to all the detailed feedback is TIME VERY WELL SPENT. There are very few opportunities to hear anything more than “pass” from publishers because they just don’t have the time. During this workshop, however, these publishers devote their time to sincerely specifying what each song they hear is doing well and what it could do better. I’ll be participating again next year — see ya there!

  67. Anna Vaus

    I could not be more grateful for Barbara’s workshop. Three days devoted to learning, discussing, growing a passion that is shared by everyone in the room. The workshop not only allowed me to soak in everything I was learning about songwriting, but connect with other great writers, publishers, and build lifelong friendships that would not have come about otherwise. I can’t thank Barbara enough and look forward to coming back soon!

  68. Barbara Pickering

    I audited Barbara’s P4P workshop, and it was a great experience. I learned a lot from listening to the attendees’ songs over the multiple pitch sessions and hearing the feedback from the publishers. The publishers and pro songwriters who participated were top notch. It was entertaining as well as informative. And what better place to hang for three days than at the Bluebird?! Barbara Cloyd is a delight. I highly recommend this workshop.

  69. Kevin So

    Barbara Cloyd’s workshop was incredible. A very empowering experience. I met some fantastic songwriters and human beings. I thought the publishers’ song critiques were invaluable, too and the entire 3 days were a good kick in the butt. Just what I needed to continue doing what I do. Thanks Barbara for doing what YOU do. 🙂

    I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to pursue a career in writing songs – for other artists to record especially. Well worth it.

  70. mickey bellottii

    MICKEY BELLOTTII – A must take workshop for anyone dedicated to songwriting. There are aspects of songwriting you cannot intuit or learn on your own. You will find many essential tools with Barbara, her Pros and other attendees.
    Either as a full participant or as an auditor there is never a dull moment…never a wasted moment. Do yourself a favor and get father down the long road of songwriting by taking this workshop.

  71. Roger Beckett

    What a great experience! Thank you! Barbara for having me.
    Anyone looking to further their career as a songwriter would do well to attend Barbara’s 3-day “Play for Publishers” workshop.
    You’ll learn not only how to write better songs and pitch your songs to some of the biggest Nashville publishers but you’ll find yourself in the midst of this wonderful supportive musical community.
    I’ve made a lot of friends at these workshops (and potential cowriters) and it’s comforting to meet people who share the same path and face similar struggles in the industry.
    As an added bonus you even get to spend 3 days at the world-famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, where the workshop is held.
    If you’re an up-and-coming songwriter who’s looking to move your career forward I highly recommend Barbara’s workshop.

    Roger Beckett
    NSAI Toronto Chapter

  72. Billy Livesay

    I’ve done 2 workshops with Barbara. Each has been an eye opener. Experience from one re-enforcing what was learned by the other.
    A time to step away from the songs you’ve written and get fresh opinions from those that are successful in the business. Thank you
    Barbara for the opportunity to meet and share with others who have the same goals. And thats to be a better songwriter. I will apply for another workshop.

  73. Dan Lawrence

    The Play to Publishers workshop was an inspiring experience and Barbara Cloyd does an amazing job putting it together. I am impressed by her talent and expertise as a songwriter and songwriting coach. She truly cares about each and every writer and has a genuine desire to help kick start our careers. The workshop gave me the opportunity to play songs for some of the top publishers in town. I received great feedback that I have already begun to put into practice. I met some great songwriters who I will likely co-write with in the future. It was a fun learning experience and a great way to make industry connections.

  74. Ted Komacek

    To sit and listen to the feedback from the publishers and from Barbara, of other writers’ songs, was extremely valuable. Where else in Nashville do you get three days to essentially meet with publishers and learn from how they evaluate songs? What insight! The experience helped me focus on what I really want to do, and how to write better for-market songs. This workshop is well worth the investment! I wished I would have taken it two years ago, when I started my songwriting journey.

  75. Tom Dixon

    Barbara’s workshop was undoubtedly one of the most practical and in-depth songwriting events I have attended. As an NSAI coordinator in Memphis, I returned home with a wealth of information to share with my local chapter. The three days provide everyone with many chances to network and learn from other outstanding songwriters. Barbara, the pro songwriters, and publishers were openly helpful in providing constructive critiques and sharing the fundamentals of the songwriting business. The workshop was a great opportunity to evaluate your progress as a songwriter and discover what it takes to be successful. I recommend this songwriting event without reservation.

  76. Joe Slyzelia

    The PFP workshops are one of the best ways to elevate your songwriting career. I’ve been to several, and have learned valuable lessons each time. Barbara always brings in some of the very best publishers and songwriters, and the insights they offer into the music industry are something that any writer will benefit from. The friendships and co-writes formed in these 3 days are just one of the many things you’ll gain by attending.

  77. Cailey Norris

    Highly recommend this workshop! I learned a lot, made a lot of friends, and got invited to meetings with 2 of the 6 publishers! I’ve had two cowrites already with friends I met at the workshop and I’m sure there will be more. Great way to get connected in the Nashville songwriting community and improve your writing.

  78. Leslie Bowe

    Getting selected and being a part of Barbara’s Play For Publisher’s Workshop was a huge real-world learning experience! Every session was packed with valuable information to help me and all aspiring professional songwriters improve in different aspects of the profession. From breaking down hit songs to find common threads and then the intense process of receiving live publisher feedback to your songs, to meeting potential co-writers- the workshop was great! I also found out more about what it is like being a part of the Nashville songwriting community, and can’t wait to get more immersed when I relocate.

  79. Jayne Sachs

    I am so happy to report that after attending two previous workshops, I have gone on to the next level as a staff writer for Matt Lindsey Music. Both times I attended Barbara’s workshop I gained invaluable insight from Barbara and each publisher who attended. You learn all about the current market and specific ways to craft your songs for your best chance at commercial success. Hearing everyone’s songs and the feedback received is a great way to learn! A favorite part of the workshop for me was the pro writer rounds. You see first hand how high the bar is set. I felt invigorated and challenged at the same time and left both workshops even hungrier to write better!

  80. Mark Addison Chandler

    The publishers I met at P4P are the real deal. Each publisher’s critique of my songs were insightful and in depth. The relationships I formed with publishers and writers in the workshop have proved valuable as well. I highly recommend what Barbara provides in her three day workshop!

  81. Krista Lynn Meadow

    This workshop is an amazing opportunity to not only get your songs in front of & valuable feedback from top publishers in Nashville, but to also network with other writers & form relationships with them that last beyond the 3 days. I loved every minute of this workshop. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Barbara & the amazing job she does in putting this on. If you are serious about songwriting and/or artistry in the Nashville market, this is a MUST DO event.

  82. Skyler Day

    I just attended my third workshop with Barbara! I’ve walked out of every workshop with so much more knowledge about the craft of songwriting as well as more knowledge about my own songwriting. This experience is all about becoming a better songwriter without losing what makes your writing special. A huge thank you to Barbara for creating such an incredible environment to learn, meet amazing writers and get in front of fantastic publishers!

  83. Mike Orbeck

    If you want to improve your songwriting, especially if your goal is the commercial country market, you can’t do better than getting your songs critiqued by Barbara. Her close listening and honest feedback with detailed, insightful thoughts on what’s working and what needs improvement will help you get your writing to the next level. I always know when I send her songs that I will learn something useful not just to make that song better, but also to apply to my overall process to help me get another step further down the road to being a better writer.

  84. Kris Crepeau

    Barbara’s workshop was an amazing experience. Not only did I receive great feedback and insight from top publishers on my songs but I also learned a lot from hearing the feedback on the other writer’s songs as well. So many great inspiring stories were shared by the publishers, other writers in the group, hit writers, and Barbara that it fired me up. I would higly recommend Barbara’s workshop for writers of all levels!

  85. Name *Gary Shaffer

    I just completed my first Play For Publishers workshop…it will not be my last.

    Barbara is a fountain of industry knowledge. She has created a well-run event that cuts through the BS and tells songwriters of all levels what they need to know. The workshop is professionally run (smoothly and on time) and in a few days you gain knowledge it would most likely take months to acquire.

    Barbara lines up an A Team of publishers and writers to provide specific and actionable advice on how to become a better writer. They don’t sugarcoat things, but all critiques are given with care and respect. You can tell these professionals are there foe one reason: to help you improve.

    An added bonus is meeting the other participants. Here, you meet over a dozen like-mined writers all seeking to up their game. Some of the best tips I learned came from the informal discussions that Barbara encourages before and after the guests arrive. It is also a great way to meet new cowriters.

    I cannot recommend this program enough. I will certainly attend more.

  86. Name *Christen Cooper

    I just attended my second workshop with Barbara! She brought in current and knowledgable publishers and writers. It was an action packed 2 days learning more about songwriting, pitching and getting constructive criticism on songs. A great networking opportunity to meet other talented artists and writers. I will definitely be signing up for the next one!


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